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Using Squidoo To Skyrocket Your Direct Sales Business
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Using Squidoo To Skyrocket Your Direct Sales Business

New and experienced direct sellers should be different from their competitors, especially if you are with a direct selling company that offers a website for cookies. If you primarily want to build an online store, you need to find a way to show your potential clients and recruits that YOU are an expert in your field.

You can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a marketing plan specifically designed for you and your business. You can spend another huge amount on advertising and PR. But what would I do if I told you that there was a way to hurt yourself on the Internet - and you also told me that it was free? Will you stop and be careful?

I hope so, because there is a unique tool on the Internet that is ideal for direct sellers to throw things away and establish themselves as experts in their field, and it doesn't cost a penny - and even the element of time is small. You put it in about 5 minutes and it's easy. Her name is Squidoo!

Octopus - what? Squidoo - I like to call it a blog about steroids. However, Squidoo does not name them blogs; They are called "lenses" because each lens helps you focus on specific information in one area.

What can you do with a squidoo site that can help you increase your position as a direct sales specialist for your business?

Have a web identity separate from your company's sponsored copied websites. It's nice to have a business page, but having a squidoo lens can help people find YOU and not just your business. 2. Confirm your expert status. You can provide details about your products and how customers will use them in real life. You can go beyond product descriptions and really help your customers see the lifestyle benefits that your company's products promote.

  1. Links to your business page. Inside the squidoo lens, you can also link to your company's website. This is a good lead generator for you.
  2. Videos and tutorials - show your customers how to register by watching online videos of the process directly in your lens (some special software may be required for this feature). Even if you are not shooting a video, you can include step-by-step instructions in the registration process to make those who are ashamed feel better about the jump.
  3. Book Recommendations and Resources - Recommend books and other resources so you can educate your customers. Just a service to help you be different from most others. This option also allows you to earn a small income for yourself. Net min!

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